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Library Thing
by Sam (hsgooddeeds)
at October 20th, 2008 (09:07 am)

Here is something people might be interested in:


It's a little bit like the Facebook bookshelf. Here's an excerpt from the journal Searcher:

"With most book recommendation engines, you enter an author or book title you like to retrieve recommendations. I used Snow Flower and the Secret Fan as my test book on LibraryThing. I knew I wanted only selections highly recommended in Amazon reviews (4-5 stars), less than 350 pages, and available in paperback. Within an hour, following various recommendations made by LibraryThing, I had a list of 18 books I thought my book club would enjoy."
-Jenni Starr
Searcher 15 no7 25-32 Jl/Ag 2007
"LibraryThing.com: The Holy Grail of Book Recommendation Engines"

I gotta admit... it sounds a bit like an informercial testimonial, but I'm intrigued. I actually had to read that article for one of my classes, and I'm checking out LibraryThing right now.

I hope everyone is well!

Edit: It has a feature called "legacy libraries" where you can see who else had a book in their library!! Very neat.