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by rincehust24 (rincehust24)
at October 29th, 2008 (01:03 am)

Hey Everyone!!!
I just got done reading How Green Was My Valley--it was soooooo good!!!!!! It's set in Wales in the 1940s. Now, I'm in the middle of one called The Singing Fire by Lilian Nattel. It is about two Jewish women's lives in London around the late 1800s and is also pretty good; i just read a part and it totally reminded me of Colleen's class when we discussed "being English" and foreigners needing to adjust to an English way of life... I saw it in an outdoor sale at this small bookshop downtown and was only like 2 dollars--which is sweet! Ashley said she read Their Eyes Were Watching God and recommends it, so I really want to start that one soon. If anyone else is interested in reading or rereading that one, just let me know. Oh yeah, I'm also working at Barnes and Noble part time like 5 streets from our apartment...so I'm surrounded by books all the time--which is awesome but also dangerous b/c I just want to buy them all, I already made this huge reading list. So yeah, If anyone wants to read Their Eyes Were Watching God, we can post about it on here....ok, bye for now :-)