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husters's Journal

Humanistic Studies Book Club
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A book club for the SMC Humanistic Studies class of '08.
1215, 1968, abelard, africa, art, art history, atheism, baroque art, bishops, boccaccio, candide, cardinals, carolus magnus, castiglione, catholicism, charlemagne, charles i of england, china, christian culture, christianity, church of england, civilization and its discontents, classical liberalism, cold war, communism, confessions, council of trent, counter-reformation, coup d'état, crusades, dante, darwin, deism, descartes, desirée, don quixote, dutch republic, eastern europe, enlightenment, erasmus, europe, european union, existentialism, fall of rome, feminism, flower of chivalry, fourth lateran council, francis bacon, free market economy, germany, glasnost, globalism, goths, greco-roman culture, harlem renaissance, heloise, history, hitler, holy roman empire, homer, icelandic sagas, innocent iii, islam, italy, japan, jean-jacques rousseau, jean-paul sartre, john locke, judy chicago, kafka, karl marx, kings, knights, korea, latin america, lenin, leonardo da vinci, literature, lords, machiavelli, mary queen of scots, mary wollstonecraft, medieval literature, my secret book, napoleon bonaparte, nationalism, negotium, nietzche, october 31 (1517), otium, perestroika, petrarch, philosophes, philosophy, poetry, popes, prague spring, prose, proust, reagan, reformation, regicide, renaissance, renaissance literature, romanticism, rome, russia, russian revolution, saint augustine, saint louis, sancho panza, sic et non, simone de beauvoir, sir gawain, song of roland, spain, spanish armada, stalin, the aeneid, the divine comedy, the iliad, the odyssey, the prince, the second sex, theology, those who fight, those who pray, those who work, trivium, united states, vatican, venerable bede, vietnam, virgil, virginia woolf, visigoths, voltaire, weimar republic, western civilization, western europe, william marshal, world war i, world war ii